Amateur Photography

I finally got around to editing some pictures I’ve taken while traveling. These are my favorites:

Fisherman's Warf, San Francisco

Fisherman’s Warf, San Francisco, CA


Orange moss on a tree in Carmel, CA

Grand Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon, AZ


Castello di Amoroso, Napa Valley, CA

Grapes in Napa Valley, CA

Grapes in Napa Valley, CA


Spots to Remember in Los Angeles & San Francisco

I recently took a trip out to California and came upon a couple of places I want to remember for next time.

  • Bottega Louie, Los Angeles (Downtown)
    • bottegalouie

    • Bottega Louie is a great spot for a mid-afternoon (like when you’re tired from shopping all day) snack. Their bakery is phenomenal. This was their giant macaroon, stuffed with raspberries and topped with a rose petal. They also serve meals, but I was only there for a snack.
  • Hong Kong Clay Pot, San Francisco (Chinatown)
    • hongkongclaypot

    • Talk about a hole in the wall! I walked up and down the street twice before I found this place. I had their braised tofu clay pot, which has shiitake, baby bok choy (my favorite), and braised tofu. Best Chinese food I’ve ever had, hands down.

Scuba Diving: The Blue Hole, NM & Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

As of November 2012, I got my official certification in Scuba Diving. I did my open water test at the Blue Hole in New Mexico. Some action shots:


Yeah, the swim cap is sorta dorky. It was worth it, though. Those goggles were ripping my hair out without my trusty cap.


Over Thanksgiving break, I got the chance to scuba in Los Cabos:


 What a neat fish. I have no idea what it is or where it came from, but there sure were a lot of them!