I found my doppelgänger…

… Except she takes better pictures and cooks a lot more! Haha!



My First Quilt (finished)

It’s finally  done… I finished this little puppy in July 2016. I was stitching for days, I tell you… days. So how long did this take me, from start to finish? I think I started this in the summer of 2012 – 4 years from beginning to end. Yikes. And the only reason it got finished was because we were relocating abroad, and I couldn’t bear to leave this unfinished in the States.


It was so much work to finish this thing, I need to recover a little before I even think about starting a new one.

Final dimensions: 67 x 89 inches, about right for a twin sized bed. It was going to be a queen sized quilt, but I was worried it wouldn’t fit in my luggage.

My First Quilt

I’m making a queen size quilt. It’s something I’ve been trying to finish for the last few years… I always get some good momentum and then it evaporates because I’ve made some silly mistake. This thing needs to get finished. I’m resolute about finishing the darned thing by the end of summer.




This is the book I’m learning from: Quilts Made Modern. The authors also have this neat site that showcases more of their work: modernquiltstudio.


Lily of the Valley Beaded Lariat

This is my first bead weaving type of necklace. Usually, I do something much simpler, but I saw this on the cover of a magazine and couldn’t resist. It’s not quite finished yet. I still have to finish the stem, piece together the parts, and sew little pearls into the flower centers.


  • nylon beading thread
  • beading needles, size #12
  • 5 – 6 g 11° seed beads in white or cream
  • 20 – 26 g 11° seed beads (green)
  • 30 4 mm pearls (white or cream)
  • small pliers for pulling the needle through the beads (when it gets a little tight)
  • scissors

I wonder if I’ll ever get around to finishing it?

Neat Art Projects

Some people are just so inspiring, and bring a refreshing outlook to the table:

Photographer Qozop convinces two generations to swap clothes:

His other photos are here.

Artist Dalton Ghetti carves intricate sculptures out of pencil lead:

You can order prints of his work from his site.

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What does the fox say?


My research lab is doing some neat work with UV-light sensors. The purpose of the apparatus is to log how much sunlight you get on a daily basis. Apparently, you’re supposed to get ~20 minutes per day. Look at what I made!




The LED is placed at the tip of the fox’s nose and I cut a notch in the tail for the light sensor. The fox’s nose is supposed to light up based on how much sunlight the sensor picks up. After trying it on, I think it looks a bit odd as a headband… Maybe it’d look better as a winter hat, like a beanie.