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What’s wrong with the colored pencils, you might ask… Yes, a dog was chewing on them. Of course.

I was recently in Stockholm and picked up a pack of coloring post cards. I think this is my new favorite past-time.

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Thoughts on knitting

I thought I’d try to channel my grandma’s spirit – I pulled out her old knitting needles and found some yarn. Growing up, I spent lots of time sitting next to her while she knitted. Scarves, hats, sweaters, blankets… you name it, she could do it. Her knowledge was self-taught, too. She used to tell me stories about how she learned by watching other women knit in the marketplace, and then practicing on her own with a pair of chopsticks. Talented woman.

My stitches are nowhere near as even, neat or nice as hers. I gave this scarf my best shot, and I can tell where I held the yarn too tight, too loose, and sometimes just right. I should have spent more time picking her brain about proper knitting technique.

This scarf took me about four or five days of work. I found it to be a meditative and therapeutic experience. There was something about getting into a certain rhythm of knitting that I liked – the consistent tink-tink of the needles hitting each other, feeling the texture of the yarn in my fingers, getting lost in my thoughts while my fingers worked, admiring my progress as I went along… It was calming. I find that I enjoy doing activities whose results are tangible; it’s a nice break from my abstract, mind-numbing  regular duties.

Note: There is no image of this scarf because it is 100% hideous.

My First Quilt (finished)

It’s finally  done… I finished this little puppy in July 2016. I was stitching for days, I tell you… days. So how long did this take me, from start to finish? I think I started this in the summer of 2012 – 4 years from beginning to end. Yikes. And the only reason it got finished was because we were relocating abroad, and I couldn’t bear to leave this unfinished in the States.


It was so much work to finish this thing, I need to recover a little before I even think about starting a new one.

Final dimensions: 67 x 89 inches, about right for a twin sized bed. It was going to be a queen sized quilt, but I was worried it wouldn’t fit in my luggage.

My First Quilt

I’m making a queen size quilt. It’s something I’ve been trying to finish for the last few years… I always get some good momentum and then it evaporates because I’ve made some silly mistake. This thing needs to get finished. I’m resolute about finishing the darned thing by the end of summer.




This is the book I’m learning from: Quilts Made Modern. The authors also have this neat site that showcases more of their work: modernquiltstudio.