DIY Wood Soap Mold




Why should I pay $40+ for a wooden soap mold when I can laser cut my own for less than $10?

This mold holds 5-7 pounds of soap. You can see some oil stains on the edges of the mold from the first time I used it (to make Orange Lemon Castile Soap). That happened because I probably improperly lined it with freezer paper… Here is the link I used to learn how to line my mold. You can also see where I biffed the etching on the “lid.” That piece was supposed to be the base, but I didn’t etch the notches wide enough, so the side pieces didn’t fit them. Not wanting to waste materials, I turned it into a lid. My technique could use some refinement.

You can see that one side of the mold is completely detachable for easy unmolding. The pieces are held together with wood glue (this is 1/4 in basswood), and they are etched (vis a vis the laser cutter) to hold everything in place. I copied the general dimensions and designs from other soap molds I saw online, and then went to town with the laser cutter at school: