Information, Instability and Fragility in Networks: Methods and Applications

This is a belated post… since the workshop took place a couple of months ago on Nov 15, 2013. I’ve been behind on my posts, what with last semester’s finals, getting my wisdom teeth out, and goofing off during winter break.

I attended this workshop to get ideas for my Master’s Thesis, and found a ton of inspiring and interesting work. This is the site for the workshop, and here is a blurb from the workshop’s coordinators:

“The purpose of of this interdisciplinary workshop is to exchange ideas and tools across disciplines dealing with network instability and fragility, and the propagation of information in networks. Registration is free, and you are welcome to attends all or some of the talks. We encourage you to attend and to forward this information to others who might be interested.”

This was the schedule:

Keynote Address (noon): Edward Ott (Maryland)
“The Influence of Network Topology on Stability of Discrete State Systems”

Financial Networks (morning):
Camelia Miniou (International Monetary Fund)
“Crisis Transmission in the Global Banking Network”
Andreea Minca (Cornell U)
“Systemic Risk with Central Counterparty Clearing”
Charlie Brummitt (UC Davis)
“Inside Money and Procyclical Leverage in a Simple Model of a Banking Crisis”
Michael Gofman (Wisconsin)
“Efficiency and Stability of a Financial Architecture with Too Interconnected to Fail Institutions”

Science and Engineering Networks (afternoon):
Juan G. Restrepo (U Colorado Boulder)
“Effect of network structure on the propagation of avalanches in networks”
Hongdian Yang (Johns Hopkins U)
“Studying information processing in neuronal networks with statistical mechanics and information theoretic approaches”
Aaron Clauset (U Colorado Boulder)
“A network approach to analyzing highly recombinant malaria parasite genes”
Ian Dobson (Iowa State U)
“Quantifying outage propagation and cascading in electric power networks”

Robin Lumsdaine (American U)
Raphael Levine (Hebrew U and UCLA)
Eric Renault (Brown U)
Michael Stutzer (U Colorado Boulder)
Wojciech Szpankowski (Purdue U)
David Wolpert (Santa Fe Inst.)

The workshop was a really good experience, and now I have a lot of ideas to ruminate over…