Vegetarian Sushi


One of the things I miss most about eating meat is having sushi… But I’ve come up with a vegetarian recipe to make up for it. It’s surprisingly difficult to make proper rolls. My first few attempts were soddy, but after practicing for 3-4 dud rolls, I got the hang of it. The trick it to smoosh it down as you roll forward to make things as tight as possible.


    • nori (seaweed paper)


  • rice vinegar
  • sushi rice
  • thinly sliced assorted vegetables (mix and match, or use different ones!)
    • avocado
    • carrots
    • pea sprouts
    • shiitake mushrooms (I sauteed these in a little oil and soy sauce first)
    • cucumber
    • asparagus
  • wasabi
  • soy sauce
  • pickled ginger

Special equipment:

  • sushi mat
  • rice cooker (you can probably forgo this one… I think you can make rice in a pot on the stove just fine)


    1. Cook rice according to package directions. I’m lucky to have a rice cooker.
    2. Allow rice to cool for about 10 minutes before mixing ~1 tbsp of vinegar into it. This makes the rice a bit stickier and adds a little sourness.
    3. Lay the sushi mat in front of you such that you can roll it forwards. Put a piece of nori on it.
    4. Spoon some rice on the nori, and use the spoon to spread the rice out (evenly) on the bottom 4/5 of the nori.




    1. Lay some vegetables a little off center of the rice.


    1. Aside: I was watching some sushi chefs at a restaurant and I learned a new way to slice avocado – with a spoon! This method is much more streamlined than cutting with a knife, peeling skin off, and pulling stubborn slices apart.


    1. Start rolling slowly forwards, making sure to tuck stray veggies or rice back inside. Make sure you apply enough pressure to the roll so that things are nice and tight.



    1. Your rolls may look like this (left side) in the beginning (loose, easy to fall apart, uneven), but don’t despair. With proper practice and mindfulness, you should get the hang of it (right side) in no time!


  1. Slice into eighths and enjoy!


For next time: I’d like to try braising tofu in teriyaki and incorporating it into my next sushi rolls.