Neat Math Blogs

I’ve stumbled across a couple of math blogs:

    • Math With Bad Drawings
      • Headlines from a Mathematically Literate World
          • Our World: Gas Prices Hit Record High (Unadjusted for Inflation)

            Mathematically Literate World: Gas Prices Hit Record High (In a Vacuous, Meaningless Sense)

          • Our World: Psychologists Tout Surprising New Findings

            Mathematically Literate World: Psychologists Promise to Replicate Surprising New Findings Before Touting Them

There’s a certain humor, excitement, and curiosity I found here that is encouraging and motivating. In the thick of mountains of homework and looming final exams, it’s easy to feel frustrated and disappointed with your life choices (why did I pick this major, these classes are pointless, I feel like I’m wasting away, why aren’t I doing something immediately helpful to others like building latrines in Nepal instead of this problem set, etc.), but I find that seeing such sincerity and genuine interest in these blogs rekindled some sense of purpose inside me.