Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center’s 40th Anniversary


Thanks to my work, Sargent Bickham Lagudis, I got a pair of tickets to see this show. I’ve only ever been to two other fashion shows (a small demo at Tactile Arts, and a slightly larger one (Modern Nouveau 2012) at the Walker Fine Arts Gallery that featured local designer Fallene Wells; both to support my friend in her first couple of modeling shows). Lots of condoms were used for this show. Some of the outfits used 3000+ condoms, and there were at least 20 of them. The winning designer said she must have spent at least 50 hours to make her dress. It’s inspiring to see so many people come together for this cause.


BVWHC recruited talent from CU’s fashion design club (among other local designers) to design some of the dresses, and I happened to know one of the students. Small world.