Science Writing and Rhetoric Final Project


The Project

It’s unfortunate that mathematics has such a poor reputation among the general public. The kinds of problems that you can solve with mathematical tools are diverse, complex, exciting and fascinating. The issue is not that math is an unreachable subject, understandable by only the few brilliant minds of the world. The issue is in the way mathematics is presented. Usually, mathematical papers delve immediately into complicated equations and strange symbols, without spending any time making the subject easily digestible for the average person.

In order to address this issue, I propose to present a series of blog posts that abstract away the confusing equations and symbols in mathematical research papers and books so that curious readers are presented with the barest essence of the investigation, its results, and implications for future studies. These posts are aimed at person who is mildly interested in the mathematics behind some sort of event, but doesn’t necessarily have all of the mathematical tools in their pocket to fully analyze why something happens a certain way. In some sense, I’m trying to serve as the middleman between someone whose experience in mathematics terminated with their last year of high school and the team of PhDs who’ve dedicated their careers to mathematics. The six posts will present findings from mathematical research papers and books in the style and context of the “blog writing style.”

Current Posts