Moondog: “Pastoral”

A mostly self-taught composer, Louis Hardin was born in 1916. He lost his sight in his early teens when a dynamite cap exploded. He studied music and finished high school at the Iowa School for the Blind, and in 1933, studied braille at the Missouri School for the Blind in St. Louis.

“I write all my music in braille. When I write for orchestra, I do not write scores any more, but just write out parts, for the score is in my head and just writing out the parts cuts the time and cost in half … anyhow, if my pieces were ever in demand, a score to each could be made from the parts. I call this process ‘intracting’, as opposed to the opposite, having a score and ‘extracting’ parts from it. From the braille I dictate every slur, tie, expression mark.” –taken from Pandora’s Biography on Louis Hardin